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Time Management
An introduction to time management encouraging participants to more

26-Jun-2017Vacancy - Business Development and Research Manager at CXK CXK are now taking applications for an exciting new job opportunity to help with Groups’ bids, grants and tenders. CXK (htt..

Investment Grants from Lloyds Bank Foundation



The Lloyds Bank Foundation is once again accepting applications to fund the day-to-day running of your charity.

The Invest grants from Lloyds Bank Foundation provide long-term funding for the day-to-day running of your charity (core costs), as well as help with the direct delivery of your charity’s work.

The Foundation can provide a minimum of £30,000, to a maximum of £100,000 delivered across three years.

The Foundation also says there is also the opportunity for continuation funding, so your charity could be funded by The Lloyds Bank Foundation’s Invest grant for up to six years in total.

The Foundation fund registered charities with income between £25,000 and £1 million, who work to support people aged 17+ who are facing one or more of Lloyds’ specified complex social problems.

For a quick and easy initial assessment of your charity’s eligibility, Lloyds Bank Foundation ask that you complete their eligibility checklist.

The Foundation also advise that you will also need to have appropriate monitoring systems in place to make sure that you can tell them what the grant has funded each year

Lloyds Bank Foundation advise if you don’t currently have suitable monitoring systems, you may wish to consider applying for an Enable grant first to develop these.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, and have checked their funding is open , you can begin your initial application. You can find guidance and application examples here.

For more information , or how to apply , or to see examples of success stories from their funding, visit the Foundation’s website .



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