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Collaboration Portal

MVA Collaboration Portal - a free of charge space for VCSE organisations and groups in Medway to explore collaborative working. There are useful resources to help with your collaboration and a free forum to share ideas.

Welcome to the MVA Collaboration Portal

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A free of charge space for VCSE organisations and groups in Medway (who are Members of MVA) to explore collaborative working.

If you represent a local VCSE organisation and are thinking that working collaboratively might benefit you, then you are not alone; in a recent MVA survey over 45% of responders expressed interest in collaborating - so this is a great time to be reaching out to your peers!

At MVA we listen carefully to the needs of the sector and our collaboration portal has been developed specifically to support organisations and groups of any size to work more collaboratively to achieve their goals. Throughout the portal you will find practical support to help you build potential collaborative partnerships, resources to help you navigate collaborative working processes as well as an online forum giving you an opportunity to discuss issues with your peers.

Ready to get started? Then you'll probably want to start by registering to access our Collaboration Connections part of the portal - where you will be able to search for local contacts who have registered an interest in working collaboratively and explore current potential collaborative working opportunities. Note: as this area of the website is designed specifically for VCSE organisations, it is mandatory for organisations to register (and be validated by MVA) in order to access these pages. Contact the MVA team today and we'll help you get registered for this area of the website.

Not an MVA Member? Not a problem, Membership is free and you can join by following this link.

Useful Resources: