Cost of Living - Staff and Volunteer Costs

Staff and Volunteer Costs
Last Updated 11 July 2024

Petrol and Transport Costs

In 2022 we saw the highest petrol and diesel costs recorded in the UK ever, with Staff and Volunteers that drive that can be a large impact on their costs. The first article is about how to save up to 30% on fuel.

The second article is about setting up carshare schemes in workplaces. The third article is about saving tips to reduce Public Transport costs.


Parking Costs

Parking costs are sometimes a cost that can be out of our control, however by doing car shares between employees and employees taking public transport those can reduce these costs (see above).

This link provides tips on how to save on costs with regards to parking.

IT Costs

We know IT is essential for any organisation and at times it can be a huge expenditure. The first link can give helpful tips to reduce IT costs. The second link is a Kent Based organisation who may be able to assist in getting Hardware (Laptops in particular). The last link is something you and your organisation may be able to help with in getting a service user access to devices such as tablets.


Office Supply Costs

Working in an office has some regular and routine office supply costs.

The link has several tips on ways to reduce these costs. For example, using generic brands and going paperless can save money.