Going Greener

This section hosts a variety of information and resources that can help your group or organisation 'go greener' to help the evironment

Have You Thought About Going Greener?

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There is no question that sustainability is gaining momentum in the Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS). Sustainability is about finding ways for your charity or community group to operate that does not harm the environment. It’s also about being mindful of how your actions affect the local area and communities in Medway, and ensuring resources aren’t wasted or destroyed and that they are used in the most effective ways.

There are many ways in which you can get involved and MVA are able to provide a helping hand. Remember every journey begins with small steps and you don’t have to start with something big! Starting small and building your way up can often help to embed any changes you want to make more firmly.

With this in mind, MVA have created this new space full of resources on how VCS organisations can ‘Go Greener’ including a free downloadable ‘Go Greener’ guide which has lots of quick and easy ideas to help promote environmental sustainability. You can download MVA’s ‘Going Greener’ Guide HERE

If you’re serious about ensuring your organisation is committed to the environment, a good place to start is by developing an environmental policy and upload it to your website so that it is a public commitment. For inspiration, and what to include, you can take a look at MVA’s Environmental Policy by clicking HERE.

Other Helpful Downloads
Government Report On Charities & Environmental Responsibility Report – Going Green
The Carbon Trust Better Business Guide To Energy Saving
A-Z Of Ideas For Great Big Green Week

Useful Links

Supporting Organisation Website Links

Medway Council Climate Change Website

Medway Council Recycling Point Information

Making Medway Green Local Business Directory

Every Action Counts

The Great Big Green Week Website

A Good Thing (Organisation which matchmakes local businesses with local charities)

Useful Articles/Resources

The Carbon Trust - Free Carbon Footprint Calculator
Urban Environmental Management Online FAQ Sheet On Conducting An Effective Environmental Assessment
NI Business Info’s Article On How to Carry Out An Environmental Review Of Your Business
Charity Digital Article On How Working In The Cloud Is Affecting The Environment

Useful Funding Links

The Carbon Trust – Green Business Fund Information
Energy Saving Trust – Grants & Loans Information
Grants Online – Energy, Environment & Transport

To really add firepower to your sustainability commitments, take MVA’s digital ‘Our Going Green’ pledge where you can make your commitments public on MVA’s website. it's really easy to do simply click HERE to download a copy of ‘Our Going Green’ Pledge, fill it out, return it to us and we will display on our website for you.

Take a look at how your local VCS peers are planning to 'go greener' in the coming months

Remember together we can do more

OrganisationGo Greener PledgeDate Submitted
Medway Voluntary ActionMVA's Go Greener Pledge13th June 2022