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Medway Together Programme

Wellbeing & employability support for young people, people living with a disability and vulnerable or underemployed groups in Medway.

Medway Together Programme

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Medway Together - Jobs, Learning & Wellbeing for all

Can’t find work? In the wrong job? Want to learn new skills? Want to feel healthier or clear your head?
Get back on the right track with one of the Medway Together partners.

Medway Together is a central government funded collaboration of charity sector partners, delivering innovative skills, wellbeing & employability support to young people, disabled people and vulnerable or underemployed groups in Medway.

We are working together to provide you with innovative pathways towards wellbeing and employment. From setting up work placements, networking with employers, providing new learning & skills, self-employment and career planning, the Medway Together partners are here to help you find what works for you.

We are also offering wellbeing and health & fitness sessions, because a better future is about community and wellness too.

Through participating in any one of our projects you will leave with new confidence, new knowledge, new contacts, new job prospects and a plan for a better future.

About the Programme

The Medway Together programme is a collaborative effort consisting of several projects delivered by our partners.

We believe that everyone has a right to participate in the future of Medway and the future prosperity of the nation. We are collaborating to provide real employment opportunities and bring about change to Medway. We are here to make a difference by developing people, businesses, and organisations.

The Medway area is what we know and what we understand. The activities offered will take place solely in the Medway area and are solely for the residents of the Medway area.

Please click here for the Medway Together Flyer.

Activities and Support Available through the Medway Together Programme

Medway Together offers a wealth of exciting and innovative activities and initiatives to support Medway residents. These include:

  • Get Connected from Mid Kent College
  • Free Fundraising and Outcome Training for charities and their volunteers from Medway Voluntary Action

What’s On Offer?

Training for Employers & Charities

  • Interested in becoming a sight-impaired accessible employer and creating a sight-impaired accessible workplace?
  • Are you a charity looking to improve your funding application bids, expand your volunteer base, and develop your capacity to employ staff with lived experience?

Job Support for Disabled Groups

  • Unlocking aspirations through one-to-one dialogue and interaction. This can help lead to paid work, volunteering, education, training or creative activities
    • Contact Centre for Independent Living Kent for more information - 01233 633187

Skills & Jobs for Young People

  • Are you a Young Carer aged 16-24yo? Become a Digital Champion, learn new skills on this course and get a £100 voucher and a £400 tablet.
  • Are you 16-30yo and Black, Asian or from an Ethnic Minority? Medway Diversity Forum can put you in touch with employers and give you the skills you need to find employment.

Financial Support & Jobs for Families

  • Are you a family with a child or children aged 0-8yo? Home-Start are helping families like yours with managing finances, bills, and employment.

Employability & Self-Employment for All

  • Are you a woman from a migrant community interested in developing key work skills and planning your own enterprise project?
  • Are you a woman interested in your personal development and learning more about enterprise?
  • Are you interested in professional coaching and training around self-employment and starting up a small business?
  • Are you interested in an introduction to business planning and creating your own business idea?

Click here to find Medway Together Menu of Services

Continue to browse down this page to find out more about these initiatives...

Support Provided to Participants

Transport Allowance -

  • Provide 1 month Arriva bus passes to participants. This will provide access to all Arriva Bus Routes across Medway.

Financial Support: Vouchers & Top Ups -

  • Scenario 1 - Utility Bill Key Card Users
    • For participants that use Key Cards to pay their Utility Bills we are trialing a system with Home-Start whereby partners can accompany a participant to a PayZone point and top-up their Key Card with a one-off £20 top up, for which we will have raised PO and against which partners can expense the cost.
    • For these same participants that use Key Cards, we will be making available to them a one-off Aldi Voucher with a value of £30 which cannot be used for the purchase of Alcohol or Cigarettes but does cover Food, Sanitary (/Hygiene) Products and Toiletries.
  • Scenario 2
    • For participants who do not use Key Cards, we cannot provide a top-up service as this would require contacting their provider on a case-by-case basis. In lieu of this we will provide these participants with a one-off Aldi Voucher (as above) with the same value of the combined support in Scenario 1 - e.g. £50.

A Note on Dovetailing for Impact

  • Organising a mini-bus route to facilitate access to Great Leaps' weekly Wellbeing Sessions. These sessions provide a valuable experience on wellbeing outside of statutory and clinical settings. We can organise for the mini bus to collect your cohorts and your project coordinators and drop you back at your destination of choice.

Kent Association for the Blind - Free Training for Employers in Medway

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KAB are able to offer free training to employers in Medway

They can offer free training in understanding visual impairment, where you’ll get to experience what it might be like to have a sight impairment. The training has been designed to improve your company’s confidence in employing and supporting sight impaired colleagues. In addition, the training will also benefit employers who have sight impaired visitors, customers or volunteers.

In addition, KAB can also provide your business with a free environmental assessment, in order to make your office, shop, cafe or place of work more accessible. They will visit your premises and provide you with a report to give you suggestions of how to make your environment more accessible. This could include colour contrast, lighting or marking hazards.

** This offer needs to be taken up by June 2022 **

Find out more:

• Email

• Call us on 01622 691357

• Visit our website:

Carers First - Digital Champions & Skills Sessions

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Digital Champions

Carers First are providing free tablets and vouchers to young adult carers who train up as Digital Champions. Click here for the flyer with more details. And here’s the link to their website where you can find more information:

Free digital skills sessions for Medway adults.

Perfect for people who lack confidence about using online services, and who would benefit from some friendly and informal training.

The course are delivered on Zoom by Lincs Digital, they contact everyone before the training to make sure they can use Zoom and give them some help if they’re struggling with it.

The courses are open to add Medway adults, not just carers. The sessions we’re running focus on:

  • Online shopping and banking
  • Social media and Zoom
  • Accessing GP and NHS services

The trainers will also give advice on keeping safe online.

To find out more and register interest click here

CAP Enterprise

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CAP Enterprise are offering empowerment sessions in May and June. For more information please click below for the flyers.

They will also be offering another session based on "Let's get moving - Setting goals and making career plans". To find out more information and how to book please click here.

Medway Diversity Forum

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Medway Diversity Forum is delivering an employer-led, soft skills, programme to bridge a gap that employers in catering & hospitality and care sectors have indicated to them.

They will be delivering the programme to disadvantaged British and Ethnic Minority young people, 16-25.

They are therefore looking for:

1. Referrals to employers in either catering & hospitality or care sectors. Click the links below to find out more information from the two flyers.

How would you like an amazing career in the care industry? - Flyer 1

How would you like an amazing career in catering and hospitality? - Flyer 2

2. Referrals to young people who want to know about the exciting range of job opportunities in catering & hospitality and care industries. Click the links below to find out more information from the two flyers.

Are you looking to invest in motivated team members? - Flyer 1

Are you looking to invest in motivated team members? - Flyer 2

wHoo Cares

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Offering support to peninsula residents - Support your community whilst we support you to learn new skills, boost your employability prospects and improve your well-being.

  • One to one bespoke support
  • Access to 100's of free online training courses
  • Specialist support including benefit reviews and informal advocacy

For more information please click here.

Great Leaps Adventure CiC

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Great Leaps Adventure are running several Health & Wellbeing Sessions each month, click here for the flyer with dates and times listed.

To contact Great Leaps Adventure CIC please go to their website here

Mid Kent College

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Mid Kent College are offering a job search support service, named ‘Let’s Work’.

Let’s Work is a support programme that will provide 121, impartial and tailored guidance to the residents of Medway. We will provide support to anyone over the age of 16, who is actively seeking employment. This will be offered in a variety of locations across Medway, so that we can engage with people across the Medway towns, rather than delivering a static service here at the college.

Click here for the flyer with more information.

Disability Assist – For Independent Living

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A new programme from Disability Assist for Independ Living supports people and those with long term health conditions. To find out more information please click here.

How to Demonstrate Impact – outcome and framework building skills

Description: This session is designed to support VCS groups or organisations considering how to measure outcomes and impact to demonstrate the difference they make.

Suitable for: Any VCS group or organisation looking to develop/improve their own outcome and impact frameworks.

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • Explored the uses and benefits in being able to evidence your outcomes and impact
  • A better understanding of monitoring and evaluation theory and practice
  • Improved ability to identify and describe the outcomes and impact of your work
  • Increased knowledge of how to develop a robust monitoring and evaluation framework

Dates: 16th May (9.30am-1pm) & 30th May (1pm-4.30pm)

Please contact us on 01634 812850 for more details, or email us at

Trust/Grant Funding Application Skills Training

This course will equip you with the techniques and practices you need to increase your organisation’s income through Trusts and Grants fundraising. This course will help attendees to establish, deliver, and manage an effective Trusts and Foundations fundraising programme.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session the learner will be able to:

  • Understand what Trusts and Foundations are, why you should approach them, and what to expect from them (different types, success rates, varying approaches, etc.)
  • Create your organisation’s case for support (Unique Selling Points, demonstrating the need etc)
  • Learn how to research suitable Trusts and Foundations, what to search for, and how to effectively use databases.
  • Explore how to manage your relationship with Trust or Foundations (reporting processes, communications, etc.)

Dates - 26th May (9.30am-12.30pm)

Please contact us on 01634 812850 for more details, or email us at