The role of our Fundraiser makes up part of our committee that helps to manage our resources and relationships, alongside the Partnerships and Membership & Volunteer roles.
The core responsibilities of the Fundraiser role are to:
• develop new sources of funds
• manage the relationship with donors, including corporate members
• produce funding requests
• maintain the donor list
• track and report on progress at committee

All our roles have a little flexibility in them, so if there are things that you’re interested in that are not in the description, then we’re very happy to try and accommodate your interests.

To find out more about the role, please send us your details by emailing so we can arrange to have a chat with you about it.


Friends of Rochester Churchfields & Esplanade (FoRCE)


At home, online meetings via zoom, in-person meetings in the Esplanade (Rochester) area, visiting potential donors of funds.

Further Information