Artificial Intelligence - A Starting Point for Charities

The Businesses for Islington Giving Alliance (BIG Alliance) recently delivered a video presentation for charities that offers insight into the use of artificial intelligence.

For some people, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on all of us will mean it will take over our world, we will lose our jobs, our way of life and other freedoms.

For others, the introduction of AI into our lives will be a great thing, with every day tasks becoming easier to do with easy access to new knowledge and better ways of doing stuff.

In reality, neither view is correct..

The introduction and acceptance of AI could have that potential to make a turnaround for the Charity Sector; but that change is going to be a rapid and bumpy ride.

And the only real risk for charities is that it would be dangerous if they do not recognise that this change is coming in whatever way, shape or form it appears, and simply ignore it.

Even with the recent technologies that are being announced, AI offers a great opportunity for the Sector, potentially offering a level playing field for small charities; but the challenge would be to make sure everyone has access to it rather than trying to understand the technology itself.

Community investment advisers The BIG Alliance touch on this aspect and more in their recent video presentation for charities that offers insight into the use of AI.

Delivered through the Superhighways' Digital Foundations Programme, and namely exploring the use of Generative AI to create suggested content for charities, they offer an optimistic but cautionary view into the potential gains in using AI.

You can find the video in the recent Superhighways’ bulletin.