Can we be Better Prepared? – UK Government's Call for Evidence for a National Resilience Strategy

The Cabinet Office has made a ‘Call for Evidence’ from UK citizens for a public point-of-view on how the UK has handled national crisis.

The Call, as advised by Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt MP, is aimed at giving the public the chance to contribute on an essential area of UK national security, and is designed to encourage national conversation and help the Government to develop plans to build a safer and more prosperous UK.

The intention of The Call is to gain an understanding of the nation’s current views on risk and resilience, to gather evidence on where improvements could be made, and determine the UK’s appetite for change.

By its very definition, resilience is the ability to prevent crisis, the ability to deal with crisis, and the ability to recover from crisis. The pandemic and other recent emergencies have stretched Governments around the world, and the challenges we have all experienced and have yet to experience show how important a resilient society, with well-developed plans and capabilities along with flexible response structures, could adapt and respond to the unexpected. And in light of more major challenges in the future, a National Resilience Strategy would help to prepare for them.

Launched recently, this consultation will also involve a series of wider engagement events with relevant participants and target groups and will close on 27th September 2021.

To find out more and how to take part, visit the Government website.