Charity Digital - A Collection of Places for FREE Digital Advice, July 2022

Newscaster Charity Digital has recently released an on-line guide offering places to find FREE digital advice for the charity sector.

Going Digital. Not really seen as a priority for most charities, but considering recent events of the immediate past, is becoming an important part of the way the sector does things.

With community still feeling the effects of COVID-19, the need for charity services is now greater than ever, with many non-profit and similar groups having to re-design services and move them online.

All the while they continue to adapt to changing types of need as well as increasing demand. And this is in the face of seemingly diminishing funding and support.

This in itself affects those in need of help, and where some charities have accomplished the use of new technology and platforms, other groups still have challenges moving their services online whilst supporting users who they would normally see face to face.

Going digital is not just about the use of digital tools, it’s possibly more about the culture of an organisation, in how they deliver their products and services.

Saying that, digital tools can open significant areas to explore, saving an organisation time, and allow charities to offer more help and support to those who need it.

But with the growing number of digital tools out there, which ones should you use?

National newscaster Charity Digital looks to address this. They have recently published an on-line shortlist of organisations and places that can provide charities with FREE practical advice on using digital to increase impact, sustainability, and skills, potentially allowing a charity to become more resilient.

To view the list, visit the Charity Digital website.