Charity Digital - Artificial Intelligence Generated Content and Charities, March 2023

National newscaster Charity Digital explore the use of Artificial Intelligence, the benefits to charities, and if it’s time your charity should make use of it.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, keeps maturing and getting better, where more and more industries are looking at ways to make use of it to innovate and achieve their goals.

Weirdly enough, moving on from its accelerated adoption of tech during and in the aftermath of the pandemic, there are some indications to suggest the Charity Sector could already be an early adopter of AI.

There is already a growing AI presence in the business world. Where machines are becoming more powerful, companies are starting to use AI to artificially generate content and answer questions.

AI could help charities automate repetitive tasks, improve fundraising efforts, and possibly enhance customer service by creating a personalized experience when delivering its products or service.

In this respect, it’s important to note that AI is not a replacement for human decision making: It is merely a tool to help make better decisions based on data analysis and predictions.

So, how else can AI be beneficial for charities?

Concentrating on the delivery of content, national newscaster Charity Digital explores the use of Artificial Intelligence, its benefit to charities, and whether it’s time your charity should be using it.

Looking at the options for content-generation, specific results from generating tools, and recognizing the ‘tone’ of the human touch, they provide awareness about how AI content could work for your charity.

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