Charity Digital - Creating a Digital Strategy for your Charity, September 2022

National newscaster Charity Digital offer guidance and advice to help charities develop their perfect digital strategy.

In the past year many charities have been looking at using digital where possible to make sure they carry on delivering their services or products to the communities they serve.

With the exposure to new platforms and the efforts made by charities to take on new technologies, some are now looking at their progress and are considering a more strategic approach to digital.

And for many charity leaders and trustees, where before use of digital was one of many things on a list, use of digital has now become a priority. In some respects, this is where a Digital Strategy comes in to play.

A Digital Strategy ideally looks at available technologies, services, and other digital products which a charity could use to help achieve their goals based on their aims and objectives.

Having a strategy can improve a charity’s method of work and operations. It could offer better ways to provide services to people who need that charity’s help, or even offer better engagement with volunteers and supporters.

So, should a charity consider having a digital strategy, and if they do what should go into it?

Newscaster Charity Digital discuss this and more in their article aimed at helping charities develop their perfect digital strategy.

Exploring the basics and the not-so-basics, their article provides advice to help a charity build an enabling environment that easily allows for charities to develop their digital abilities.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.

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