Charity Digital - Cyber Security Round-up, September 2021

National newscaster Charity Digital has produced some recent articles offering guidance on keeping charities digitally safe.

Protecting your Data in The Cloud
There is an increase amongst charities and similar organisations to use the cloud, this new technology which more and more businesses are moving their critical IT infrastructure and data to. This move is driven by the potential of cloud platforms that offer promises of operational efficiency, the opportunity to be more productive, more agile and portable, being more flexible and more profitable.

But as with every technology showing it has its benefits, it also shows drawbacks. In this case, one of the downsides to using the cloud is the lack of ownership and control - And therefore its security.

The very nature of the cloud makes it vulnerable to cyber-crimes such as data hacks, and there have been various examples in the past (the NHS attack in recent years) which illustrates this. It also stresses the importance of cloud security and the need for maintaining data integrity.

National newscaster Charity Digital explores this subject and offers important security measures you should take to keep your charity’s cloud services secure.

To read this guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.

NCSC answer some Important Cyber Security Questions
Information Technology (IT) groups and managed IT services providers carry out an important role in cyber security, and whilst charity leaders may not need a clear understanding of the technical details, they should be aware of what their IT team is doing to protect their organisation from cyber threats.

Charity Digital recently published an interview with Cub Llewellyn-Davies, charity sector lead at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which offers some insight and open guidance that every charity should follow, so that they can look again at their current security profile and create a plan to manage cyber security proactively for the future.

To watch this video interview, visit the Charity Digital website.

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