Charity Digital - Different ways to Keep Active and Fit for a Good Cause, May 2022

Newscaster Charity Digital has recently released an on-line guide offering different ways to help charities plan sport themed fundraising events.

Fundraising continues to play an active role in enabling team sports. This can be through school sports programs or city sports programs.

Sports teach children the value of teamwork, commitment, dedication, as well as help them build social connections; and it allows adults to keep fit, make new friends, and spend their time on a worthwhile effort.

But for all the benefits of organised sports, the big drawback can be the cost. This can make fundraising a challenge, and bookkeeping whilst making sure a charity continues to serve the local community is one of the most challenging and important tasks an organisation can face.

So how do you make the most of a sports fundraiser that benefits everyone?

With their recently launched on-line guide, Charity Digital explore this subject, describing sports fundraisers and share different ways to mobilize supporters, raise money, keep fit, and have fun doing it.

To read the guide, visit the Charity Digital website.