Charity Digital – Exploring Microsoft Cloud for Charities, August 2022

Newscaster Charity Digital have a look at Microsoft’s new all-in-one product Microsoft Cloud for Non-profit and explore what it means for charities.

It is an understated fact that the Charity Sector works with tight budgets, limited resources, and minimal capabilities. So, trying to keep up to date with the latest technologies would be a challenge.

But just like any other sector, technology can help a charity concentrate more or expand on any new ideas and methods to help with the delivery of service or their products, which in turn improves on their reliability, effectiveness, and usefulness.

Whilst there are solutions starting to appear, currently the challenge for most tech companies is that their software doesn’t really benefit the Charity Sector.

However, they are starting to understand this new audience and updating their programs and application suites to best suit the Sector’s needs.

Things like Fundraising and Donation Management, help with custom Charity Finances, even assistance with Marketing Solutions should be part of the tasks that any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Cloud solution should look to provide for the Charity Sector.

Having bespoke assistance like this would help a charity in improving their reach as an organisation, and even help in the scale of the services or products they deliver.

Newscaster Charity Digital profiles leading tech company Microsoft, who have already made a start in doing this. In a recent article, they explore how Microsoft have collected their existing and new applications as one solution exclusively for charities, and how this would help them operate more effectively.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.