Charity Digital - Free Cyber Security Tools that can Help Charities, February 2022

National newscaster Charity Digital look at some of the FREE digital tools available from the Government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), designed to help charities prevent any threat meant for their IT and internet systems.

Like most businesses today, charities are starting to become more reliant on IT and technology. With this new direction, however, comes the risk that the charity could fall victim to any number of vicious or unfair cyber activity.

The loss of access to tech, having funds stolen, even experiencing a data breach through a cyber-attack could cause damaging setbacks for the charity, not only for them financially but also in terms of their trust and reputation.

The people who carry out cyber-crimes do not distinguish between a private company, a community group, or even the public; so, everyone involved within a charity, whether they be the staff, the volunteers, trustees, even the donors, each one can have some role to play in protecting the sector from digital harm.

But how do you go about it, and where do you start?

National newscaster Charity Digital looks to explore this. They have published a feature detailing FREE resources available from the NCSC. From Website analysis, through to Early Warning system Alerts, these FREE tools are intended to help charities prevent any threat meant for their digital systems and related technologies.

To read the feature, visit the Charity Digital website.