Charity Digital – How Charities can Best Engage Younger Generations, September 2022

Newscaster Charity Digital have recently produced a large feature exploring how to be more appealing to the younger generation, and how to successfully engage with them.

Charities and similar organisations often struggle to connect and build relationships with younger donors.

There is in fact growing evidence to say that millennials being self-centred and disengaged are just not true, and that they care deeply about social and political issues - And they're willing to dig in to help.

Where young people are willing and able to contribute to causes that they’re passionate about, if a charity wants to capture their attention and cultivate a lasting relationship, they should want to consider three things:
  • Connect with their activism
  • Engage with them where they are, and
  • Demonstrate your impact.
Newscaster Charity Digital tackle this challenging subject in their editorial. From using the right messages about a cause to gain a young person’s interest and enthusiasm, to successful use of the right media platforms, they explore what charities can do to become more appealing to the younger generation and start better engaging with them.

To read the feature, visit the Charity Digital website.

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