Charity Digital - How Charities can Improve their Web Accessibility, Spring 2024

By using a live example, newscaster Charity Digital looks at how charities can ramp up their online accessibility.

Charities are starting to use the internet now more than ever, keeping in touch with their supporters and recipients alike. They will also use it to let others know about their charity’s mission, as well as attract support from ambassadors and benefactors.

But this can become a challenge if their website is not truly accessible.

In recent years the move to make services digital has left many charities behind, and whilst organisations do accept change is needed, a lot of them find it a challenge to figure out how to make their website accessible to all.

Having an easily accessible website is a great step for a charity to show its efforts for inclusivity and makes sure that it is as welcoming to as many visitors as possible whatever their abilities or needs.

But what can a charity do to make their digital services accessible to all?

Newscaster Charity Digital recently published an article taking a look at how charities can ramp up its online accessibility.

Through reviewing how Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) came to create their ‘sonic logo’, the newscaster shows various methods that charities can use to make sure their web pages are accessible to everyone.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.