Charity Digital - How Cyber Breaches affect Fundraising, Service Delivery, and More

Newscaster Charity Digital has recently published a video exploring how cyber-attacks can affect a charity and offer some solutions to prevent them.

Cybercrime is a threat to the charity sector that is growing daily. It is causing harm to charities and those who depend on that charity’s help.

Aside from the loss of data or the financial implications, a cyber-attack could cause serious damage to a charity’s reputation, which in turn could bring about a loss in funding or clients, with people less likely to engage with that organisation for fear of their data being intercepted or compromised.

Taking protective and precautionary action is cost effective in reducing the harm caused, but where do you start and how do you prevent such attacks?

Newscaster Charity Digital look to address this in their new video. Available on YouTube and covering things like how malware and viruses can affect your tech through to how cyber-attacks can damage a charity’s reputation, it also explores some quick and easy solutions to improving your cyber security.

To watch the video or find out more, visit the Charity Digital website.