Charity Digital - How Job Sharing can recruit Better Charity Leaders, Autumn 2023

Newscaster Charity Digital have been taking a look at why charities are increasingly turning to job share applicants when looking for new leadership.

There is a growing trend where more and more people are looking for a better and versatile balance in their working life and their own life outside of the job.

In the pursuit of this desired working benefit, a lot of people are starting to look away from the normal routine of office hours, looking instead at part-time opportunities.

And whilst some employers are starting to welcome the idea of part time employees, others still feel that some of their roles are not suited for part-time or ‘flexi-hours’ or see it as impractical or having no benefit to their business. In other instances, potential employees may find it frustrating or disappointing when a given part-time role does not bring with it the same level of responsibility (or reward) as a full-time role.

This is where job sharing could be the answer for both employer and employee; where a full-time role is shared between employees who want to work part-time hours.

Possible benefits from job sharing might include:
  • Job sharing employees get to keep and command the level of responsibility found from the full time role
  • They enjoy the flexibility of part time hours
  • There is an exchange of skills and knowledge between job sharers
  • Job sharers get to keep a level of seniority with the business, while changing the structure of their hours
  • Job sharers can meet the demands of a challenging role while upholding an improved work/life balance
  • A job sharer can create a stronger (working) relationship with their job share partner
The employer and even the organisations itself could benefit from allowing a successful job share situation or allow employees this level of flexibility:
  • Employers get to keep high performing employees who need that flexibility because of a change in personal circumstance
  • Employers could enjoy a wider, mixed skill set, tied-in with a combination of experience and approach
  • Employers can achieve flexibility and freedom to cover sickness and holiday leave, leading to continuity of cover
  • Organisations and employers could gain the advantage of a more relaxed, more satisfied, and happier workforce, with the potential of higher productivity and reduced absences from work
National newscaster Charity Digital go further into this subject with their recent article that looks at why charities are increasingly turning to job share applicants when looking for new leadership.

From the benefits of job sharing and how to make it successful, through to real life examples within the Charity Sector, they explore some of the benefits of offering senior roles to candidates on a job share basis.

To read the article, visit the charity Digital website.