Charity Digital - How to Close Down a Project with Intention, August 2023

Newscaster Charity Digital explores the best ways to communicate the ending of a project, including how to acknowledge and respect that ending.

Project closure defines a project’s success and is also seen to be the important final stage of a project management lifecycle.

During project closure, the team reviews the deliverables – the outcomes and results that were achieved through the project’s activities – and then compares and tests this to what was intended by the project in the first place.

The team or the project manager then share those deliverables with the project’s client.

Regardless of how a project is carried out there would always be scope to learn from a project, whether a new or better method of doing things or otherwise, and the learning phase of a project’s closure is that time for the team to reflect on this.

Ultimately, it is important to take the time to commemorate what was accomplished by the team. Throughout the lifetime of the project, the project manager should have got to know their team well and have a sense of the group’s personality.

So, it pays to make the most of the camaraderie that’s been created and celebrate in a way that’s right for the team within that organisation:

Remember, the team made the project deliverables possible, so recognising those efforts and the need for emotional closure would leave everyone feeling good and ready to move on to their next piece of work.

National newscaster Charity Digital talk about these aspects and more in their guidance that explores the best ways to communicate the ending of a project.

From respecting the importance of endings and learning from experts, to acknowledging loss and giving the time it deserves, they explore how to close something down on a considerate and positive note.

To read the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.