Charity Digital - How to Digitally Upskill Workers, September 2022

National Newscaster Charity Digital explore the benefits of, and how to go about, improving on the digital skills of a charity group.

Over the past few years, projects and initiatives that encourage digital makeover are starting to appear, with businesses doing everything they can to be better at what they do and so improve their output (and profit).

The pandemic speeded up many charities’ involvement with tech almost overnight as the need for a digitally savvy workforce became important more than ever.

For a lot of companies, the expectations for an employee to use digital tools has highlighted the gap between the skills people have and the skills they need.

In one example, services like robotic process automation - where software that learns, copies, and can then carry out business processes regularly - are now becoming part of the tools that are key factors in driving innovation and growth.

As these services develop and start to appear, it is becoming more important to appreciate that any workforce that can keep up with these solutions will be the most prepared for any new technology that comes later on (source: “The Future of Jobs Report”, World Economic Forum, 2020).

Locally speaking, digital upskilling should be important for a charity to consider. Not only would upskilling produce a better, flexible, more resilient workforce; it could also further encourage the engagement and performance within a charity group.

Newscaster Charity Digital explore this challenging subject in a detailed feature, concluding that digital upskilling can see workers give more to a charity’s efforts and causes, as well as inspire a path to lifelong learning (and ultimately closing the skills gap.)

To read this feature, visit the Charity Digital website.