Charity Digital - How to Host a Hybrid Meeting, October 2021

Charity Digital explores how charities can hold successful hybrid meetings that caters for attendees both virtually and in-person to be engaged and connected.

In some respects, whether we want to accept it or not, the pandemic has been a catalyst to encourage us make the most of remote working tools, whether for personal or business use. It could be through the use of Skype, the use of Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams to name a few, the virtual meeting environment is now part of our daily or working routine.

And this style of working seems set to become commonplace, as some studies suggest that most businesses are looking to introduce or include remote working in their regular operating as we move forward out of the pandemic, whilst maintaining the office location as the central core of activity; a nucleus to connect with others, to collaborate, even for those brainstorming moments you wouldn’t really get at the comfort of your kitchen breakfast bar – or (ahem) purpose built study with recently upgraded broadband..

This is where hybrid working starts to come into its own. Hybrid working is where people divide their work time between their home and workplace. And this practice is starting to include hybrid meetings where some people attend in person and others attend online, which not only offers the best of both worlds, it also makes for a handy virtual back-up plan in case restrictions change.

But with participants both sitting in a meeting and calling in remotely, there can be risks of miscommunication and exclusion – So how do you host a meeting that has people feeling engaged and connected, rather than left out or bored?

National newscaster Charity Digital looks to explore this. From how to be a good host to Meeting Structure and agenda, they have recently released a feature which guides charities into hosting successful meetings for attendees both virtually and in-person.

To read the feature, visit the Charity Digital website.