Charity Digital - How to Keep Mobile Devices Safe

National newscaster Charity Digital recently published some helpful support to identify and reduce the risk of that mobile devices carry with them as attackers are now turning to target them.

The mobile phone in your pocket often contains information about you and your friends and family. This can include contact numbers, photos and locations and other sensitive data.

Mobile security has often been an overlooked threat for years, and phone security in general is one of those things that, it’s not a problem until it is – but if something untoward does happens, it becomes a big problem.

This risk applies to other devices, like your tablet or laptop. Your mobile devices need to be protected.

Charities are also becoming bigger cyber-attack targets than they realise. According to a report by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), many charities, especially the smaller ones, do not realise the value of the data that they have. Unfortunately, cybercriminals do realise the value of this data, making charities vulnerable targets prone to attack.

To help prevent this risk (and in following our previous reports) national newscaster Charity Digital explore this by publishing some guidance and precautions that users can take, allowing them to continue enjoying the conveniences of their technology with peace of mind while they are on the go.

To read the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.

Always remember that fraudsters do not share the altruistic aims of your organisation. To prevent and detect online fraud, charities should consider putting into action robust controls, and do not hesitate to report and take action in the event of actual or attempted fraud.