Charity Digital - How to Safeguard the People you Support, Winter 2024

National Charity Digital explores what safeguarding is as well as the procedures and processes charities should do and need to put in place to safeguard the people they support.

What is Safeguarding?
Safeguarding relates to actions and procedures which should be put in place to promote the welfare of 'At Risk' people and protect them from harm.

These actions and procedures ideally refer to guidelines and instructions that are normally defined by a company, by Government, or similar group which reflect how an organisation or business should fulfil those duties.

People will often see the term ‘creating a culture of safety’. And for some it lacks meaning or suggests nothing more than a box to be ticked on a list to make sure they have the required policies in place.

Creating a culture of safety means putting safeguarding in place for everything an organisation does.

Introducing a culture of safety starts at the very top of an organisation with the senior managers establishing a commitment and support to safeguarding.

In the case of a charity, this responsibility would fall to the Trustees, who should make sure there are the resources available to make it happen.

By taking this lead, it then makes it easier for that commitment to flow down to the staff who are then made aware that abuse can and does happen - and are prepared to act when the need arises.

When safeguarding is built-in to all necessary functions it should also be evaluated regularly for its effectiveness.

By introducing safeguarding assets and making regular checks and assurances that they are suitable, both staff and those they support should be assured there are arrangements put in place to protect them, and they feel confident and free to use them when the need arises.

And in turn by promoting this culture of safety, those who need help from a charity would have confidence they would be listened to, be reassured they would be supported, and know action would be taken on their behalf.

Newscaster Charity Digital explores further what safeguarding is and the procedures and processes charities need to put in place.

From creating a safeguarding policy and organising staff training, through to how to report and record safeguarding concerns, they cover the things that charities should be doing that will help them and keep the people they serve safe.

To read the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.