Charity Digital - How to support disabilities in the workplace, Autumn 2023

National newscaster Charity Digital looks at how charities can support people with disabilities.

No-one should have to tell their employer that they're disabled, let alone a potential employer. But if they do, that employer does have a legitimate responsibility to support them.

Within reason, employers are duty-bound to do everything they can to create an environment and recruitment process where people should be safe and comfortable to talk about disability.

By doing this they can help:
  • Make sure that disabled people get support and are not put at a disadvantage or treated less favourably
  • Ensure their workforce reflects a commitment to being inclusive and diverse, one which does not exclude disabled people
  • Recruit and retain staff who have often proven to have more resilience and problem-solving skills by developing ways of living with a disability
  • Improve upon wellbeing and productivity for everyone.
Newscaster Charity Digital explore these aspects and more in their recent guidance about disability in the workplace and supporting disabled people.

From recruitment to making employers aware of their legal duties, to providing a safe and comforting work environment for all, they offer guidance to help charities support people with disabilities.

To read the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.