Charity Digital - How to Support Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Spring 2023

Newscaster Charity Digital explores how charities can recruit and support people who are neurodiverse.

Qualities associated with neurodiversity are more commonplace than you might think - in fact, it is said over 1/3 of the population is estimated to be neurodiverse.

Explaining Neurodiversity
Considered as a type of biodiversity (or the diversity of living creatures) Neurodiversity is a term relating to the differences in people's brains.

Said to portray the concept that people interact with and experience the world in a variety of different ways, it also supports the view that there is a whole spectrum of ‘normality’ when it comes to how the human brain operates.

Within the workplace, it’s commonly accepted that diversity of thought is one of the biggest drivers of progress. If this is the case, then neurodiverse employees could also be pioneers at the forefront of thinking differently.

One only has to look to history for examples of great neurodiverse innovators, like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, even Steve Jobs.

In that respect, if an organisation is willing to embrace and promote neurodiverse talent, they could possibly gain a significant competitive advantage.

So, in what ways can a company support neurodiverse employees in the workplace?

In a recent article, national newscaster Charity Digital explores how charities can recruit and retain people who are neurodiverse, and why this is important.

From using ethical and adaptive recruitment methods, to offering a flexible and adaptive workplace, they offer suggestions to break down stigma, raise awareness and champion this hidden talent pool capable of making a valuable contribution to all organisations.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.