Charity Digital – (Ingredients to) Forming a Great Business and Charity Partnership, May 2022

Newscaster Charity Digital has recently released on-line advice offering guidance for charities to approach businesses to help them with fundraising, volunteering, and much more.

The purpose of a corporate-charity partnership should offer mutual benefit to both groups through their collaborative efforts. Being more than just ticking the corporate social responsibility (CSR) box, any business partnerships should involve long-term, strategic aims and efforts that provide a worthwhile impact and real change.

Once upon a time, there’d probably be great ceremony as a suited-and-booted CEO would pass over a giant cheque to their chosen charity. Not so today, as research from Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) found that 70% of the companies they help gave strategically to charities, while less than 20% just gave donations as necessary.

This change in the traditional corporate-charity alliances seems to suggest there is more to effective and successful business and charity partnerships than just a one-off donation or the brand logo added to the end of year report.

But how do you create a partnership that’s modern and benefits both groups? And how do you select the right business to partner with?

In their recent article, National Newscaster Charity Digital look into this. Exploring aspects such as co-creation and collaboration focus, the article offers insight and guidance to help organisations create an inspiring and impactful corporate-charity partnership that can help bring about social change.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.