Charity Digital News Round-up – Cyber Security, Spring 2023

MVA offers a selection of headlines discussing cyber security from National newscaster Charity Digital.

How to Prevent Fraud in 2023
Fraud can come in many forms, and criminals are starting to find different ways to impersonate and deceive charities to carry out fraud.

Even staff or volunteers within the charity, whether knowingly or by mistake, can also be the source of fraud.

And with new technologies emerging every so often, criminals are finding ways to help them attack charities and steal their resources.

While this is a worrying prospect, fortunately there are active measures to combat and greatly reduce losses because of fraud.

So, how can charities prevent becoming victims of fraud?

Newscaster Charity Digital have released an article exploring how charities can protect themselves from fraud, with a particular focus on tackling risks from within their organisation.

From staff and volunteer fraud and External threats to Procurement fraud, they identify and explore what charities can do to better protect their resources.

Too read their article, visit the Charity Digital website.

Five types of Cyber-attack Charities ought to Know
Based on recent history, fraud increases in times of economic uncertainty. With a potential of recession on the way, inflation, and the current cost-of-living crisis, it seems history may repeat itself.

Add to this the clear and present political and economic unrest, as well as the continuing recovery from the COVID pandemic, the advice to charities is simple; it is important to be aware of and prevent fraud.

The landscape of cyber threat is always changing, and this is one of the reasons the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently updated their UK Cyber Essentials scheme.

Given the variety of different techniques and angles of cyber-attack (or even vector attacks), charities and individuals alike should then be doing whatever they can to avoid being caught out.

So, what are the biggest cyber threats being faced this year, and how can charities prepare for them?

National newscaster Charity Digital explores how cyber criminals will operate in 2023, and how charities can protect themselves against these cyber-attacks.

From Ransomware and Phishing through to events like “Pig butchering” crypto and AI attacks, they look at top cyber security threats charities need to be aware of in 2023.

To read their article, visit the Charity Digital website.

Cyber Security Challenges Charities are Facing in 2023
Charities of all sizes are starting to be affected more and more by cyber threats, and so it pays for a charity to keep on top of useful resources, training, and news.

These attacks are disruptive, and incidents can be costly, where charities are attractive targets for many hostile actors who seek financial gain, access to sensitive or valuable information, or to disrupt charities’ activities.

It’s reported one of the current threats is from cyber criminals taking advantage of public generosity during times of hardship by masquerading as charities to receive donations.

So, what are the types of cyber security threats that charities can face today, and what can be done to prevent them?

National newscaster Charity Digital explores the threats and challenges that charities are presently facing in the world of cyber security.

Based around the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) recent Cyber Threat Report for the UK Charity Sector, they outline some of the report’s key tips for improving a charity’s cyber security in 2023.

To read their insight, visit the Charity Digital website.

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