Charity Digital News Round-up (part 1), Winter 2022

MVA offers a selection of headlines from national newscaster Charity Digital.

Charities and Climate Change
Charity Digital have published an article on the basics of climate change for charities, looking at why charities need to get involved, as well as how charities can get involved.

Discussing the relationship between climate change and the charity sector, they explore definitions of climate change, the impact of climate change, the best resources for charities, and so much more.

This article can be found at the Charity Digital website.

How to Create a social media Kit
Whether through the advance in technology or otherwise, social media is evolving on a regular basis, and it can be hard for charities to keep up with emerging new platforms while remaining effective.

Fortunately, there are some fundamental elements to success that wouldn’t change, such as understanding your audience, setting your goals, and defining your strategy.

Offering a social media kit as a possible solution, Charity Digital have produced guidance about the digital materials needed to run a successful social media campaign.

Exploring the benefits a kit offers charities, from brand consistency to offering powerful promotion of their work, they also look at some of the design software available to make sure posts are eye catching and well read.

The guidance is available at the Charity Digital website.

Sneak Peak of Charity Trends this Holiday Season
Probably one of the most challenging roles in the Charity sector is the job of a fundraiser, as you’ve always got to stay on your toes!

This year’s exciting campaign idea might be old news in a few months’ time. Saying that, what you thought was a passing fad could actually turn out to be here to stay.

Charity Digital take a look at what’s happening in the charity sector for the holiday period, as well as what to expect during the campaign season.

To see what’s trending, visit the Charity Digital website.

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