Charity Digital - The Best Online Fundraising Platforms for Charities, February 2023

National newscaster Charity Digital list some of the best free and affordable fundraising platforms for charities online.

Are you raising cash for a good cause? You could be planning on running a marathon for charity, or drumming up funds for a community project?

Collecting in cash or chasing sponsors can be an admin headache, as it can eat away at valuable time that you could be spending training. Or cake baking..

Some charity donation websites are specified to the cause that you’re raising money for, with some that have little upfront costs for its use or are even free to use with no fees.

Undoubtedly, it helps to find out certain things when choosing a charity fundraising platform or donation website for your cause, such as if it pays you back for the time and cost in using it?

You may want to know if it allows for social media reach to encourage people to your donation page, or if there are volunteers available who could undertake the given challenges to raise your funds?

You may even want to know if there is a realistic chance that the platform will encourage others to find and support you?

National newscaster Charity Digital explore this subject further as they list some of the best free and affordable online fundraising platforms for charities.

Their round up of the range of the low cost or no cost online giving platforms available also covers what they offer, their costs, and how they manage to keep their expenses low, or non-existent.

To read the article and see the list, visit the Charity Digital website.