Charity Digital – The Future of Volunteering, Winter 2022

Reflecting on the changes in volunteering that have happened because of the pandemic, Charity Digital looks at the future of volunteering in a world after Covid-19.

The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged us and our communities in many different ways.

It has shown we have short fallings in our healthcare, we have gaps in our markets and jobs, issues in parts of our welfare system, concerns about how quickly authorities can respond, and even the inclusion of the disadvantaged and the less fortunate to say the least.

But the parts that are either broken or aren’t working properly can be looked at again - and we can rebuild them again.

And because we have that opportunity to reflect and rebuild, we would surely emerge into an evolved realm: which some are calling a post-Covid world. So, we should want to ensure this new frontier is an improvement on the one we leave behind.

To make this happen, we should be seen to be inclusive, be seen as sustainable, and above all else be shown to have resilience in the extraordinary or unexpected times to come - And probably one of the strongest qualities to help create these social values into community is volunteering.

In recent months, the Voluntary sector has shown to not only have valuable knowledge and insight into local concerns, but also try to take ownership and provide a suitable solution. As a result, communities are starting to show signs of addressing and dealing with the local concerns specific to them - This includes efforts into the development of social/public services, and even healthcare.

Newscaster Charity Digital explores this aspect and more, with their recent feature covering the future of Volunteering in a post-Covid world.

To read the feature, visit the Charity Digital website.