Charity Digital - The Power of Blogging, August 2022

Newscaster Charity Digital explore how charities can send a successful message that offers interesting, inspiring, and useful content for their cause.

There are lots of ways a charity could tell their story, but probably the most easily available and long-lasting method is through written word.

The weblog (or ‘blogs’ as most of us affectionately know them) can be a powerful platform to tell the world what your charity is doing.

Blogging is also a great way to tell people how service users are doing too. Nonetheless it is important to remember storytelling is a two-way thing that should engage with and inform the public.

There are various examples on the web where charity blogging has shown to be the way to generate regular, fresh, and engaging content for your charity. However, starting one could seem daunting:

Would you have enough to write about, and will anybody even read it?

Newscaster Charity Digital look to answer this and more in their latest podcast. From having a content plan, to including real life stories and sharing experiences as assets in your writing; even looking into the use of social media to diversify and promote messages, they explore how charities can send out successful communication for their cause.

To watch the podcast, visit the Charity Digital website.