Charity Digital –The Power of Storytelling to Raise Funds, February 2023

National newscaster Charity Digital look at how charities can use skills to tell stories, generate empathy, promote their mission, demonstrate impact, and, ultimately, improve fundraising.

Storytelling has long been a foundation of community and of progress. Early cave drawings, epic tales of battles around the campfire, even fabled accounts in scripture have served this purpose.

We’ve used stories to pass on knowledge, wisdom, and entertainment from one generation to the next.

In modern times, whether it’s a bedtime story, a sell-out stage show, or the next blockbuster feature film, we’d always appreciate a story or look forward to a good tale more than ever.

It can be said that our verbal communication revolves around telling our stories, where we love to share experiences with our friends, or to teach children, and even use stories to pay tribute to someone.

Sharing your story is important - it allows us to connect and nurture our relationships with each other; so, that’s probably the reason why story telling when raising money for charity works so well.

Fundraising jobs can rely on storytelling as it helps potential donors not only understand charities messages, but also trigger and empathetic and emotional response.

And that’s where the power of a story can work best as the driver of donations.

Newscaster Charity Digital recently explored this in their charity guide for using stories to create understanding, promote that charities’ mission, and show its impact to improve their fundraising.

From introducing a character and plot, to explaining their conflict and the eventual resolution, they show how a charity can create a story which can drive a campaign forward, to ultimately raise more funds.

To read their guide, visit the Charity Digital website.