Charity Digital – The Status of UK Fundraising Report from Blackbaud, December 2023

National newscaster Charity Digital examine the anticipated 2023 Status of UK Fundraising report recently launched by Blackbaud Europe.

The Status of UK Fundraising 2023 Benchmark Report was carried out by Blackbaud Europe together with insight from the Institute of Fundraising (IoF).

With over 700 respondents taking part by completing the survey, the data was collected recently from a wide range of charity types and sizes.

Because of the uncertain times that we find ourselves in, fundraisers now have a lot to think about in terms of their strategy and planning, so the research from Blackbaud and IoF could be seen as a welcome resource, as it looks to provide an accurate reading of the sector.

The report highlights several key traits common to charities who have been able to survive during these challenging economic circumstances.

Blackbaud had also produced an infographic to help show their key findings.

Newscaster Charity Digital examines this 2023 Status of UK Fundraising report from Blackbaud Europe, and what it means for the future of the Charity Sector.

With the report divided into various sections, they explore the report as to how different organisations have responded during the current climate, and what learnings fundraisers can take back to their own organisations to help inform the decisions to help take them forward.

For more information or to read this exclusive report, visit the Charity Digital website.