Charity Digital - Tips for Efficiently Managing a Hybrid Project, June 2023

National Newscaster Charity Digital offer guidance on how to manage a project when you have a hybrid team working in different places.

With the arrival of technological advancements, as well as the pressure of cost because of increased globalization, hybrid working is starting to become common place across various areas of business.

As we start to adapt to a post-pandemic landscape, the rate at which hybrid working is considered to be growing rapidly where employees are taking on the practice because of its welcoming flexibility.

Aside from this versatile benefit, a hybrid working team has other advantages.

As an example, businesses may find they can access a wider range of talent or find the cost of their resources goes down. They may even find they don’t need to rent as much office space anymore.

Managing and looking after a Hybrid team also brings with it challenges not found in the normal office workplace, like differences in time zones, culture gaps, and the lack of in-person communication.

Instances like these can have a major effect on the progress of a project if they are not recognized and dealt with carefully.

So, it really would help project managers to have a suitable range of technical skills, as well as a good set of soft skills, to tackle any given challenges they face when managing a hybrid team.

National Newscaster Charity Digital offer some tips for managing a project when you have a hybrid team.

From considering regular communication and delivering an open and honest culture, to allowing flexibility and offering support where needed, they offer some of the ways that make managing a hybrid team easier.

To read the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.