Charity Digital - Tips for Working in an Emotionally Challenging Environment, November 2022

National newscaster Charity Digital offer guidance and advice to help charities develop ways to support themselves and their teams in emotionally challenging environments.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions and those of others and to communicate in a way that shows consideration for other people's emotions.

It is said that working to improve your emotional intelligence can help you succeed in your workplace.

Improving your emotional intelligence can help you to understand your colleagues, develop better relationships in the workplace, resolve conflicts and stay calm under pressure.

So, why is emotional intelligence in the workplace important, and how can someone improve their emotional intelligence at work?

National newscaster Charity Digital investigates this subject and offers guidance to support charities in given working environments that can often require great effort and determination from staff.

Through the advice and tips offered, the newscaster shows various ways that a charity and staff can build upon their resilience and wellbeing to support themselves and their teams.

To view the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.