Charity Digital - What is the Creator Economy, Winter 2024

Newscaster Charity Digital take a look at the evolution of the creator economy and how charities can get involved.

Creator Economy is on the up and up, and for many it highlights a new way of working.

Enterprises and entrepreneurs on platforms, like Twitch or TikTok, work with businesses, like Deliveroo or Zapp Riders, to provide either content or deliver a service in order to bring in revenue.

It’s a digital economy involving more than 1.5 Million people, and contributes £149 Billion towards the UK economy every year.

It is starting to mark a clear driver of innovation, of growth and of competitiveness.

But what is it?

A ‘What?’ Economy
The Creator Economy refers to a modern economic landscape where creators make use of digital platforms and technology to produce and distribute content.

The creator’s content for these platforms specifically provides awareness of - and directly promotes - products and services to the creator’s online viewers and visitors alike.

And this style of enterprise has gathered a lot of momentum with the rise of social media, content-sharing platforms, and other online marketplaces.

Musicians and budding artists can create an online fanbase and earn money from the content they stream (as opposed to a traditional record deal). Influencers can make money with their online presence through sponsored content.

It seems there are many ways to enter the creator economy and make a consistent living from it, so how would a charity do it?

Newscaster Charity Digital recently published an article taking a look at the evolution of the creator economy and how charities can get involved.

From producing live streams and sharing expertise, through to hosting subscription-based content, it shows how charities could contribute accurate information to the infosphere and generate additional income.

To read the article, visit the Charity Digital website.