Charity Digital - Why Charities should Consider Website Accessibility Right Now, January 2022

Charity Digital examines how charities can make their website content or functionality fully available and accessible to any visitor, including those with disabilities.

By simple definition, Website Accessibility means that a site's content is available, and its functionality can be operated, by literally anyone.

It can be easy to assume that anyone who would visit your website has and can use a keyboard, a mouse or touch pad, even a touch screen, and they could navigate your content the same way you do.

While this can make for an experience that works well for some, it could cause issues to others. From being a simple annoyance to sometimes ruining their experience altogether.

In that respect, Accessibility could also relate to the experience of users who might be outside that range of your common web visitor and might need access or interact with things differently than you expect. Specifically, it considers users who are experiencing some type of impairment or disability (given that their experience might be non-physical or short term).

Tackling any website accessibility issues would almost always improve the user experience for everyone, but how and where do you start?

Newscaster Charity Digital look to solve this. Whilst reminding everyone it is a requirement under law to have accessibility considerations on your site, they have released a feature exploring the many elements to consider to make sure your website is accessible, as well as downloadable resources which can help
readers continue to give easy access to and allow use of their site by communities that need it.

To read the feature and download the resources, visit their website.