Charity Digital – WordPress: A simple Guide for Charities, August 2022

Newscaster Charity Digital offer a simple and easy guide to using WordPress, one of many web-development tools that can help charities provide them with and online presence.

In and around the UK, at last count there were over 160,000 registered charities contributing toward a turnover of just under £48 Billion a year, and this is outside the charitable activities happening in other parts of the world.

For want of a better reason, charities must be seen to keep ahead of their “competition”, and this is to make sure they get the donations they need to continue to make an impact on the causes they support.

Good communication and providing awareness can help, and nowadays one of the best methods to do this is for a charity to have an online presence, which can improve their reach and be found by people with the same values.

Because of online coverage, a charity can potentially increase the number of donations it gets, which has been a growing trend of recent.

In this example, clearly it would help charities to have a web presence making use of donations that can be available online, and this can appeal to new and existing generations.

However, as budgets get lower within the Charity Sector (possibly fuelled by previous and ongoing public crises) creating a website or hiring a developer for the job wouldn’t be financially worthwhile, or at least not on the top of a charity’s ‘things to do’ list.

There are products available called Content Management Systems (CMS), software applications designed to allow a user to create and edit, to collaborate on, publish and store digital content.

WordPress is one such solution which is approachable and available, and currently it’s the most widely used website building platform (accounting for over 1/3 of the web.)

National newscaster Charity Digital explore WordPress and have produced an online guide for this website development tool, offering simple steps to get charities started in having an online presence.

To view the guide, visit the Charity Digital website.

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