COMING THIS MARCH! - My Whole Self Day from MHFA, February 2023

As part of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England’s campaign for workplace culture change, they will be celebrating My Whole Self 2023 this March to empower employees to bring their whole self to work.

MHFA England believe wellbeing and productivity fuel each other, and they know teams that feel safe and connected can and will work better together.

MHFA also say that people and teams are at their most effective and creative when everybody feels psychologically safe and is seen, everyone is heard, and everyone is valued.

Theme for My Whole Self 2023
The theme for this year focuses on the critical role that managers play in helping people feel safe to bring their whole self to work.

MHFA advise that those who are supported to bring their whole self to work can feel better in their wellbeing, and this is also better for business.

They also say that managers help to build this working environment which allows people to be authentic and share their whole self.

MHFA will shortly be publishing a FREE Managers’ Toolkit to support employees and managers alike, which will have practical, easy to implement advice and support.

The Toolkit is designed to help managers make sure their teams’ individual objectives and team plans work in harmony with a business’ vision and mission.

People can drive positive transformation in workplace mental health and performance by bringing together diversity, as well as through inclusion with health and wellbeing.

To find out more, or find out how you can get involved, visit the MHFA website.