Rewriting the Rules of Child Protection - Part 1 of Contextual Safeguarding Webinar Series

National initiative Making Research Count has a webinar which explores the subject matter related to Contextual Safeguarding.

Contextual safeguarding (CS) is the study and observation of young people, whereby as they grow and develop they are influenced by a whole range of surroundings and people outside of their family, such as school or college, in the local community, in their peer groups or online - And the risks they may encounter in any of these environments.

It is a given that sometimes the environments and situations might cross over, which could mean that children and young people might come across multiple risks. So Contextual Safeguarding also looks at the best way to understand these risks, engage with children and young people and help to keep them safe.

As part of an on-going programme from Making Research Count (MRC), their webinar provides an account of Contextual Safeguarding, its theory, its policy, and practice frameworks.

Hosted by Dr Carlene Firmin, the webinar also looks to highlight those surroundings and situations outside of the family environment where young people experience significant harm, from child sexual exploitation (CSE) to radicalisation; but also explores a practical account of the design of Contextual Safeguarding, its implementation and its future.

To watch the webinar, visit the MRC website.