Continuing to help charities supply to those in most need – Introducing Giving World, March 2022

National charity Giving World continue their work to redirect quality end-of-line and discontinued stock to the most deprived communities in the UK.

Giving World helps charities get access to new or quality goods and life-essentials for FREE - They work with local businesses to redirect new end-of-line and discontinued stock, like warm clothing, food
and toiletries to the most deprived communities in the UK.

Giving World say by registering through them that charities, community groups and similar organisations can gain access to FREE resources for people they help, and they advise the goods can be collected from them directly, or delivery can be arranged to the charity at cost.

There is recent evidence to suggest charities have been under pressure to meet increasing need in their communities, and that those who rely on these charity services are dealing with many new and regular challenges and concerns.

With the impact of some COVID restrictions still in place on community organisations and vulnerable service users, Giving World advise that they continue to operate, working with local businesses and charities to get FREE goods and essentials to where they are needed most.

If you would like more information, or to register, you can contact Giving World on 0116 251 6205 (Monday-Thursday between 9.30am-4pm, and 9.30am-12.30pm on Friday). You can also send an email with any queries at