Continuing to offer Help to Vulnerable Households - Housing Support Fund from UK Government, May 2022

Vulnerable households across the region can qualify for funding through the local authorities to help them with essentials over the coming months.

Designed to offer immediate support to many households, it is reported the Housing Support Fund (HSF) is being distributed through the local council, who know their local areas best and can directly help those who need it most.

The Household Support Fund
The Housing Support Fund (HSF) is a recent support grant to help vulnerable people pay for food, energy, water and other essentials.

As report previously, it was announced by the UK Government in October 2021 and just had more money put into it in March 2022. Local Councils have this money and need to get it to people in need.

The Household Support Fund is NOT a loan, so people who apply don’t have to worry about paying the money back if they receive it.

What can the Household Support Fund be used for?
The Fund can be used to help pay for basic living essentials. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Energy and water bills
  • Internet and phone bills
  • Food
  • Clothes including warm clothes
  • Essential transport costs (e.g. car repair, buying a bicycle, fuel)
  • Boiler service and/or repair
  • Purchasing a fridge, oven, freezer
  • Sanitary products
  • Soap and other personal cleaning products
  • Blankets
  • Housing costs (where there is an exceptional need that cannot be covered by other support funds or benefits)
At the time of writing, it is advised this is not an exhaustive list and that grants can cover one or several of the needs described here.

Being Eligible for Household Support Fund
This fund is NOT restricted to just those currently in receipt of benefits or specific groups, but it is reported that local authorities may have their own measures to apply for and qualify for the funding.

While this is not a means tested grant, the Council may ask questions about an applicant’s financial situation and about any benefits or support they currently receive.

Households or individuals should apply for Household Support Fund if they are on Universal Credit, Pension Credit and/or another benefit, on a low income, or are struggling with any of the following:
  • Heating their home because:
    • They can’t afford the gas or electricity bill or,
    • They can’t afford to repair a broken boiler.
  • Paying their water bill.
  • Paying for food.
  • Paying for warm clothes and/or blankets
  • Paying for soap and other essential cleaning products like shampoo and toothpaste.
  • Repairing or replacing:
    • A broken boiler.
    • A fridge and/or freezer.
    • An oven.
    • A hob cooker.
  • Paying for tampons, sanitary towels, or other sanitary product.
  • Paying for public transport or fuel for their car.
  • Paying internet or phone bills.
Getting Household Support Fund alongside other Benefits
A person can still apply for the Household Support Fund even if they receive other benefits but struggle to pay for minimum living essentials.

If a person applying does get benefits, these will NOT be affected if they start getting money from the Household Support Fund.

More information and how to apply is available from the Medway Council website.