Eventbrite Pricing Changes and a look at Alternative Event Platforms, Autumn 2023

Eventbrite recently announced that as of the beginning of September 2023, there will be changes to their pricing for publishing events.

Many users turn to Eventbrite for its convenience, its memorable brand, and the ability to host events of all sizes with ease - more specifically, the service was made appealing to the casual event host, due to smaller events being considered and included under Eventbrite’s free plans.

However, Eventbrite recently announced some significant changes to their payment plans, which may have come as a surprise to many of its users:

Eventbrite fees have now been extended to many smaller event hosts; and these changes came to effect on 6th September 2023.

An overview of Eventbrite’s changes include:
  • Event organisers and similar groups can still free to sign up for an account, but can only publish events with up to 25 tickets for free
  • For events with more than 25 tickets, organisers need to select either their Flex or Pro plan and pay a fee depending on the size of their event.
This will impact anyone planning to host an event for more than 25 people. MVA have therefore researched other event management platforms - they have not been tested by MVA but they understand that these are similar platforms designed and aimed at different levels of users for future events:
  • TicketTailor – this platform is said to be stable online management system for selling event tickets, offering discounts to charities and no fees for donations that may be collect on the platform
  • TicketSource – like TicketTailor, can also let event organisers publish free events at no cost
  • TryBooking - Another event platform that is free to use for free events, which is said to include access to all of its features
  • TicketBud - Similar to EventBrite, this platform advises it is user-friendly for first time organizers, as well as being powerful and flexible enough for larger festivals and events.
  • EventsFrame – boasting to be a simple platform to setup Events ticketing for single tickets up to large scale complex events, they offer a robust system aimed at simplifying the event registration process.
  • Soapbox Engage – Unlike Eventbrite, Soapbox says it is specifically designed to help charities and similar nonprofit organizations to grow, offering a suite of tools for event planners.
  • Meetup – Essentially styled as a social media platform, it is designed to host and organise activities, gatherings, and events (whether live or virtual) for people and communities of similar interests, hobbies, and professions.
  • RSVPify - Starting from an event management perspective, this platform says it offers ticketing and event management features that rival those from EventBrite.
EventBrite’s user base and valuation might prove its worth; but if their new plans are no longer suitable, the above alternatives show that there are available platforms which can offer the same convenience and purpose which charities can consider for their future event planning needs.

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