For Outstanding Contribution to the Voluntary Sector – The Barry Clout Award 2021

Nominations are being invited by Medway Voluntary Action (MVA) to receive the Barry Clout Award for outstanding contribution to others within the community and all across the Medway Towns.
Barry Clout was an MVA Trustee and longstanding supporter of the Voluntary Sector. He had great appreciation of the involvement and the contribution that the sector still makes to improve both the lives of people in need and community as a whole, and worked hard to make the world a better place until the day before he died.
In memory of Barry Clout, the award is presented each year to a nominee for their involvement, their support and their impact on the community and all across the Medway.
If you know someone who deserves a ‘BIG THANK YOU’ on behalf of the people of Medway then MVA ask you take a few minutes of your time to nominate them award by completing the Award’s nomination form.
MVA advises that applicants should show the impact that the nominee has had on the wider voluntary sector, this could include:
  • Commitment
  • What has the nominee achieved
  • Have overcome any adversity, challenges, or setbacks in achieving their work
  • Who has benefited
The closing date for nominations is Friday 29th October 2016.
To find out more about nominating, or for further enquiries, you can email MVA at, you can also contact MVA via the website.