Funding Round-up – Children and Youth (part 2), October 2021

Here is another collection of funding rounds from local and national organisations focusing on children and youth themes aimed at helping charities continue their work in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Due to the varying nature and progress of the pandemic, MVA do advise that some of the information below may have changed since the time of its issue, and ask that readers please check each organisation’s website for the latest information.

Barbara Ward Children's Foundation
Grants from the Barbara Ward Children's Foundation are available for charitable organisations undertaking projects for children who are seriously or terminally ill, disadvantaged, children who are underprivileged or have special needs.
The funding is available for work in the following:
  • Education
  • Support, care and respite
  • Holidays
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Sport, play and leisure
This scheme is a continuous rolling programme, so there is no deadline and applications can be accepted at any time.
More information is available at the Foundation’s website.

Funding to Support Challenged & Vulnerable Young People (UK)
Grants of up to £2,500 are available to charitable organisations supporting challenged and vulnerable young people under the age of 16 in the UK.
the7stars Foundation will provide funding for projects which support young living in areas of deprivation and socioeconomic disadvantage that are challenged by abuse or addiction, who are young carers, or who are homeless.
Projects should address a lack of provision, and provide immediate support. Example of support could include recreational trips, mentoring programmes, and counselling sessions.
The next deadline for applications is 31st October 2021 with further dates in later seasons (TBC).
More information is available at the Foundation’s website.

NFU Mutual Charitable Trust Funding Programme
The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust offers funding for projects and initiatives which educate young people and relieve poverty in rural areas.
The Trust is providing funding for projects and initiatives which:
  • advance the education of young people within rural areas
  • relieve poverty within rural areas
  • promote the benefit and social welfare of inhabitants of rural communities by associating together with the inhabitants and local authorities, voluntary and other organisations to advance education and leisure
  • promote research into agriculture-associated activities
  • advance the education of the public by means of research and dissemination of information in relation to insurance or agriculture
The Trust says there is a focus on providing funding to larger initiatives which would have a significant impact on the rural community.
With their Trustees meeting twice a year, The Trust advises the next deadline for applications is 29th October 2021 (with further dates to be announced).
More information and how to apply are available at the NFU website.

The Special Needs and Care for Children and Young People Programme
The Peter Harrison Foundation offers grants to charities in the South East of England to assist young people who are disabled, disadvantaged, and ill, and the homeless or at risk of crime, truancy or addiction.
The Trustees welcome applications for the following types of project:
  • Projects that work with or benefit disabled, chronically or terminally ill children, and provide support for their parents and carers
  • Projects that help to engage children or young people at risk of crime, truancy or addiction, and
  • Projects organised for young people at risk of homelessness, or that provide new opportunities for homeless young people
The Foundation advises meetings to decide applications are held quarterly, however applications can be accepted at any time.
More details and how to apply are available on the Foundation’s website.

Grants from BlueSpark Foundation
The BlueSpark Foundation offers grants of up to £5,000 for schools, community groups, clubs, societies or other organisations in England to improve the education and development of children and young people through educational, cultural, sporting and other activities.
The funding can be used for:
  • Educational materials
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • IT equipment
  • Drama tuition/music tuition
  • Art and design equipment
  • Educational training courses
  • Vocational training courses
  • Drama production costs
At the time of writing there was no identified deadline, which means enquiries to apply for the funding could be made at any time.
More details and how to apply are available at the Foundation’s website.

If you would like to see coverage of specific funding or grant rounds to help your charity, your project, your community group or enterprise, you can get in touch by email at, you can also contact MVA via the website.