Funding Round-up – Children and Youth (Part 7), August 2022

Here is a final collection of funding rounds from local and national organisations focusing on children and youth themes aimed at helping charities continue their work

Whilst every effort has been made to provide up-to-date information, due to the varying nature and progress of public policies and other related activity, MVA do advise that some of the details below may have changed since the time of its issue and ask that readers please check with each organisation’s website for the latest news.

Grant Funding from The Toy Trust
The Toy Trust offer grants of up £5,000 to registered charities that support disabled and disadvantaged children under the age of 13.
The Trust says the funds aim to:
  • Alleviate suffering
  • Support children through awful experiences
  • Encourage achievement through adversity
  • Purchase vital equipment
  • Provide care
  • Bolster existing initiatives
  • Initiate brand new projects
  • Satisfy basic needs
The Trust says they will fund equipment and services, but not salaries or research, and favours groups that have carried out some form of effective fundraising by themselves.
Although there is no specified deadline, meaning applications can be accepted at any time, the Trust advises that meetings are held four times a year (in February, June, August, and November) to consider applications.
More information and how to apply can be found at The Trust’s website.

Equipment Grants for Youth Clubs from The Variety Club
Grants averaging £250-£600 are available from The Variety Club for associated youth clubs in the UK that provide opportunities for improving social skills, team spirit and self-esteem for young people aged from 8 to 18 years. The grants are for equipment.
The Club advises the scheme is a Continuous Rolling Programme, so applications can be accepted at any time.
More information and how to apply are available at the Club’s website.

Youth Welfare Grants from Casey Trust
The Casey Trust offers small grants (generally around £3,000) for UK registered charities for projects that benefit the welfare of children up to the age of 18 in the UK.
The Trust is specifically looking for start-up projects or identifiable new enterprise within existing projects, rather than funding for repeated events or ongoing programmes.
Although based in the London district (so mainly offers funding for Inner-London based projects) currently the Trust is particularly looking to support children's projects connected with:
  • The arts.
  • Mental health.
  • Child refugees in the UK
The Trust does advise that applications must be sent by post - applications submitted by email will not be accepted.
At the time of writing, there was no specified deadline, suggesting applications can be accepted at any time.
For more information and how to apply, visit the Trust’s website.

If you would like to see coverage of specific funding or grant rounds to help your charity, your project, your community group or enterprise, you can get in touch by email at, you can also contact MVA via the website.