Have You Heard About The National Volunteering Certificate?

The National Volunteer Certificate has been rolling out across NHS Trusts over the last two years and is now in Medway. It was developed by Health Education England (HEE) in collaboration with the third sector with it's main aim being to ensure that all volunteers (in health and social care settings) have the same basic learning when they start their volunteer journey, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable volunteering environment for all.

There are two levels to the programme which can be undertaken, both of which require completion of a number of e-learning modules followed by putting this learning into practice through your volunteering duties. The two levels you can work towards are:

  • Level 1- In-house (Certificate) –a minimum of 30 hours. You will receive a certificate awarded by the organisation you volunteer with along with a badge
  • Or Level 2 - a minimum of 60 hours (Accreditation level). You will receive a certificate awarded by Health Education England and SFJ Awards along with a badge
The e-learning covers a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): Communications for Volunteers, Equality, Diversity and Human Rights, Safeguarding Adults & Children, Preventing Radicalisation, Mental Health Awareness and much more.

You will need to be able to commit to setting a small amount of time aside each week (aside from your volunteer duty hours) in order to complete the e-learning, reflect upon your experience and write up your evidence. The purpose of which is to demonstrate your knowledge and competency as a volunteer.

Click HERE to watch a short video about how the programme works.

Achieving the National Volunteer Certificate (NVC) will demonstrate your competency and ability to work safely in health and social care environments as a volunteer by putting the high-quality online theory training undertaken into practice during the course of your volunteering duties. It also looks great on your CV and improves your employability.

More information, including how you can register to get started can be found online HERE.