Have Your Say - The Future for Unpaid Carers in Kent, January/February 2022

Kent County Council (KCC) want to hear the views of local people about how the Council will work with all partners to improve the experiences of local carers.

The KCC’s Adult Social Care Strategy is about the social work, the personal care and practical support for younger and older adults that may have a physical disability, a learning disability, a physical or a mental illness. It also includes the safeguarding of those at risk of harm and abuse: Part of this strategy also proposes support for unpaid carers.

The Council define an unpaid carer as someone who provides care or intends to provide care and support to another adult. That carer could be a mum or dad, a husband or a wife, a partner, a brother or sister, a friend, even a neighbour.

As part of KCC’s overall plans and strategy for adult social care, which looks to build on their Making a Difference Every Day proposals, they have recently launched a public consultation into the Adult Carers' Strategy, and are encouraging patients and public alike to share their views on how the Council plans to work with all partners, as well as make welcomed changes towards improving the experiences of carers in Kent.

Launched recently, this consultation will run until 22nd February 2022.

To find out more or to get involved, visit KCC’s dedicated website.