Hosting Accessible Meetings Online – a Bitesize Briefing from MVA

MVA continue their series of Bitesize briefings with the release of their new video offering guidance to make online meetings more appealing and accessible.

For a lot of us virtual conferencing applications and programs are now becoming commonplace as part the toolkit for our working lives. As more and more organisations offer remote working options, more of us will rely on conferencing tools in our daily efforts.

When you're engaged in any online meet, sometimes you might encounter people with a range of diverse needs, as you would face-to-face, and this may present itself with challenges. But it can also provide or create opportunities that can lead to increased accessibility, and so enable people with unique requirements to contribute and share in a more equal and inclusive way during the meet.

So what can you do to make sure you cater for everyone's needs?

To help understand this subject more, and building on its series of Bitesize briefings, MVA has recently published an information video exploring various things to consider to make sure your meeting is accessible to all participants.

Available on YouTube, the Bitesize also talks you through, and learn more about, various areas of planning and consideration, to make your online meetings more inclusive and help you make your events more accessible for various attendees and those with additional needs.

If you would like further information or support on this topic, you can contact MVA by email at, or call on 01634 812850. You can also visit the MVA website for further guides and resources.